Nano Handy Facial Steamer

Nano Handy Facial Steamer
Nano Handy Facial Steamer
Nano Handy Facial Steamer
Nano Handy Facial Steamer
Product Name : Nano Handy Facial Steamer
Product ID : CE-777

Product Name: Nano Sprayer

Efficacy: humidification water calm the skin whitening moisturizing

Size: 109 * 37 * 21mm

Output voltage: 3.7V

Rated power: 2W

Weight: 62g

Color: White

Water tank capacity: 9ml

Color shown: pink, white, (or custom)

Spray volume: 0.8mL / min atomized particles: 0.3μm Water tank capacity: 9ML (large tank)

Package Contents: Nano-spray, liquid injection bottles, special packaging, instruction manual, USB charger

product description:

Nano portable skin moisturizing beauty sprayer as long as 30 seconds, you can import penetration for 24 hours. Ultrafine particles can penetrate the stratum corneum, after the makeup, do not worry about the collapse, 30 seconds hypervelocity import. Spray of very fine particles with ordinary water spray particle is completely different, the instant when the discharge has been absorbed by the skin, does not There are drops of water remain in the face, but do not feel moisture leaving traces of water, often in the open air-conditioned office of the beauty of women, the skin becomes extremely dry skin moisturizing beauty Nano portable sprayer is the essential beauty girls thereof.

Four characteristics:

* Deeply moisturize, calm the skin, hydrating artifact. Rechargeable, 9ml large tank, large amount of fog, very delicate, pay anytime, anywhere, a box of water available day!

* It can also be used for body, hair care and other parts etc ....... * Simple design, just gently slide the slide open, the beauty immediately distribute ultrafine particles beauty fluid, 30 seconds will automatically stop beauty. * Matte design, so that beauty is a type fashion, outside can also be moisture Mimi! Paste stones themselves can create their own personalized beauty device. * Small size, can carry at any time to add moisture to dry skin.

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