JBL Portable Wi-Fi Speaker

JBL Portable Wi-Fi Speaker
JBL Portable Wi-Fi Speaker
JBL Portable Wi-Fi Speaker
JBL Portable Wi-Fi Speaker
Product Name : JBL Portable Wi-Fi Speaker

This MS 1 speaker is built in with the Brodlink DNA module i.e. You can control the speaker in the "e-Control" app and make is as one of the component in the theme setting, etc.

There are several sources for musics: (1) 3.5 mm stero audio jet input (2) TF card (3)wireless playing via DLNA (4) Online sources from clouds.

There are six preset sources so that you can play different music source at different time. For example, presetting song A as the alarm, and presetting the opera B as the songs for sleeping every Monday to Friday. Morover, you can intergrate with other Broadlink series, e.g. A noisy alarm from MS 1 will play when the smart camera C2S detect strangers coming in.

With TCL\'s exceptional craftsmanship, electroacoustic certification, huge music database and multi play modes, The MS1 Electric Eel comes small with a big sound.

Its smart home central control hub has a scenario detection sensor. It will alert the owner of any unauthorized entries, have personalized music playing and play soothing music, close curtains, blinds and light before bed.


1. Portable Speakers

Weighing at only 700g, it is small, compact and fits in your bag. Battery lasts 7 hours when fully charged

2. Unlimited Music

Support multiple online radio and music platforms such as Xiami Music, QQ Music, Kogou Music, Baidu Cloud, Qingting FM

3. Multi Modal

Supports online sources, DLNA, QPlay, Audio in, Micro SD modes. Will support AirPlay in the near future

4. One Touch Play

6 numerical buttons that could be easily controlled and set via mobile app

5. Interactive Household

It can perfectly blend into a smart home enviroment and interact with other sensors such as auto music play when someone is home and can set personalized music through face recognition

6. Alarm Setting

Plays different music according to scenario and time. It can set up to 10 different alarms music at the same time

7. JB L Certified

JB L certified. The speaker comes small but has exceptional music quality

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