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Hair Straight Comb

Hair Straight Comb
Product Name : Hair Straight Comb
Product ID : CE-11

Beswin Hair Straight Comb Not to Hurt The Hair Ceramic Electric Splint Straight Hair Combs

Voltage: DC110v-220v, 50-60Hz
Power: 29 W
Wire length: about 230cm
Heating time / optimal styling time: 30 seconds
Straighten hair time: 5 seconds comb it and become straight during 5 seconds..
Thermostatic: 185 degree
Max temperature: 230 degree
Mix temperature: 150 degree
Thermostat adjustment segments: 5 degree

No burn: When the comb plate reaches 200 degree, the comb top only 50 degree, that will not burn your skin, and it can help messge your head and relax you.
No harm: It produce anion when work, that remove hair static electricity, also anion can combine with air to produce moisture, help nurish your hair.

LCD screen display.
360 degree rotatable wire. Avoids the wire twining.
Color: White, Pink (please specify the color you need, or we will ship randomly)
Packaget contents:
* 1 x Straighten Comb
* 1 x User Manual
* 1 x Retail Box

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